Private Instruction

“Learning is a lifelong lesson, not a one hour lesson. I strive to improve the total golf experience of each student. We create a complete plan that makes learning understandable and fun. From swing improvement to play management to human skill development, lifelong solutions create confidence and motivation to continue improving.” – 2021-2022 Golf Digest best Young Teacher, Jennifer Hudson

LifeLong Golf creates a personalized path for each student.

We start with the spirit of why golfers play and then help them identify their short and long term goals. Every student is given a holistic game plan that includes improvement in these areas:

  • Goal Setting & Planning
  • Swing Improvement
  • Play Management
  • Human Skills Development
  • Equipment Fitting

Jennifer coaches golfers of all levels from LPGA Tour Players to collegiate to club level to novice players. She enjoys coaching men, women and juniors. Her tailored approach ensures that her students have a functionally effective swing based on their unique bio-swing dynamics. It also means that her students become better players through performance coaching.

No matter how you learn, Jennifer has a training aid and the right technology to help you perform at your best. Main resources include:

  • ‚ÄčTrackman
  • SAM Putt Lab
  • Coach Now Video Analysis
  • DISC Mental Golf Workshop Profile
  • Mach 3 Speed Training Aids
  • Vision54 Performance Practice Plans & Guides

Jennifer uses a broad base of certification and education experience to continuously provide the best instruction including these programs:

  • Mach 3 Speed Training Coach
  • Vision 54 Coaching for the Future
  • Bioswing Dynamics Program Understudy
  • Certified Golf Coach, Certified Golf Coaches Association
  • Titleist Certified Fitter
  • Operations 36 Certified Golf Coach
  • US Kids Golf Certified Teacher
  • SNAG Golf Certified
  • PGA Class A Member
  • LPGA T&CP Member

Private Lesson Availability

At this time, LifeLong Golf offers limited private instruction opportunities to the general public. Please contact Jennifer directly if you are interested in private instruction either at Sankaty Head Golf Club or a day of private instruction at one of LifeLong Golf’s school destinations.

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