LifeLong Golf Renews Partnership with Titleist and FootJoy

LifeLong Golf and Titleist/FootJoy are committed to growing the game and supporting golfers of all skill levels as they strive to achieve their goals. The ultimate goal of our instructional programming is to support all the reasons you love to play. Our partnership with Titleist and FootJoy will enable us to provide an even more impactful instructional experience and personalized game improvement plan.

When you consider all the pieces that make up your game–from your swing, to course management, to human skills, to fitness, to equipment to nutrition–it’s critical to consider how you can strengthen each area to achieve your goals and enjoy the game even more.

Our golf schools, clinics and playing experiences are led by affiliated LifeLong Golf coaches including top-ranked PGA and LPGA teaching professionals and LPGA Tour Professionals. We are dedicated to improving your swing, course management, human skills and fitness. Titleist and FootJoy will ensure LifeLong Golf students understand how their golf balls, gloves, clubs, footwear, gear and apparel impact their success and enjoyment on the course.

Having Titleist and FootJoy on the LifeLong Golf team goes beyond equipment and apparel. We are now able to give junior golfers, collegiate players, women golfers and senior players incredible opportunities to influence golf industry leaders, products and representation in the game as a whole. In 2024, LifeLong Golf is proud to continue providing LifeLong Women’s Golf Ambassador Experiences. These golf schools treat women golfers to custom fittings and gifts while giving our students a chance to share their needs and ideas with designers, club and ball representatives and key decision makers in Titleist and FootJoy marketing and advertising.

It is a privilege to be trusted with your game improvement, to bring you to unique golf destinations and to be part of the memories you make along the way to achieving your goals. Along with Titleist and FootJoy, we are thrilled to support your game improvement plan.